Five Professional Certificates to Boost your Career as a Dermal Therapist or Cosmetic Nurse

Five Professional Certificates to boost your career as a Dermal Therapist or Cosmetic Nurse

The Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science (AACDS) is a leader in education for dermal therapies and cosmetic nursing and injectables. To compliment these nationally accredited courses we have developed the following professional certificates to further enhance your career potentials and increase your professional development.

In this blog we will highlight our five Professional certificates to boost your career. The professional certificates were designed with the consumer in mind, that’s you! We wanted to be able to offer new and alumni students, the ability to increase their education through short and in some cases, ‘fast tracked’ courses. you there. In this blog we will discuss what it means to be a cosmetic chemist, who can become a cosmetic chemist and how to become a cosmetic chemist.

Why Are Professional Certificates Important?

Having valid and professional training in specific areas of the aesthetics industry will increase your desirability as an employable candidate. There is no doubt about it! The 5 professional certificates present detailed education of the chosen topic and an insight into how this learning can further your own skill set. Each course has been tailored to fill gaps found in the aesthetics industry which require specific training, not some light reading or internet searching. Let’s have a look at these more closely.

Five Career Boosting Professional Certificates 

1. Professional Certificate in Integrated Health and Dermatology

This course focuses on the relationship between gut health and dermatological skin disorders. By understanding these associations better, you will be able to approach skin conditions with a more holistic perception. There is a growing movement to treat the body and skin as a whole to really get to the root cause of skin condition. The information obtained through this course is best suited for our Advanced diploma graduates or Beauty therapists wanting to extend on their skills. This course can also be beneficial for personal trainers or anyone who is interested in the skin- gut connection. 

Integrated Health and Dermatolgy

2. Infection Control for the Cosmetic Clinic

The name really speaks for itself. This is a nationally recognised unit of competency which provides learning for maintaining the highest professional standards in infection prevention and control. This is an excellent course for individuals in the sunny Queensland region as you will be required to hold this certificate as part of your laser licensing agreement. This knowledge is imperative to patient and therapist safety. 

Infection Prevention

3. Professional Certificate in Dermatology and Dermatoscopy for Aesthetic Practice

The information provided in this short course forms foundation knowledge in skin analysis and shares dermal therapy procedures in a cosmetic medical context. With education surrounding skin aging, dermatological skin disorders, wound healing and management, and patient assessment in dermatoscopy and skin cancer, this course is designed to level up your skin analysis techniques! An excellent course for nurses wanting to expand their career potential or our Advanced Diploma graduates.

Dermatology and Dermatoscopy

4. Professional Certificate in Management and Promotion of the Cosmetic Practice

Are you thinking of starting your own clinic with your newly formed cosmetic nursing skills? Or are you currently managing a clinic and not quite hitting you KPI’s? The Professional Certificate in management and promotion of the cosmetic practice, encompasses strategies for operations and marketing, management in finances, recruitment and performance, leadership and business structures. This course structure literally has you making your business plan, ready to hit the ground running.

Management and Promotion of the Cosmetic Clinic

5. Laser Safety Officer Certificate

Every state and territory have slightly different rules when it comes to laser licensing and laser safety certificates, however, it is imperative to have the correct understanding when operating such machinery.  For this theory-based course, we have two options. The laser safety course is fast tracked over 6 weeks and suited for those who may already be using devices and do not wish to or are not required to have a formal certificate in laser safety, or our other course being a 9-week program finishes with the laser safety officer’s certificate. Both have education surrounding light and physics, mechanics of light systems and usage of lasers in cosmetic medicine however it is the latter course which incorporates clinical application experience and will give formality to the certificate that may be a required in your state or territory. 

Laser Safety Officers Certificate