To post a job advertisement on the AACDS Recruitment Website, please complete the below fields. Only AACDS Graduates and current students who are near course completion can view your advertisement. Your advertisement will be displayed for a period of 4 weeks, though can be renewed for a further 4 weeks if required.

Please note: to protect commercially sensitive information, other clinics CANNOT view your job post.

How will my practice benefit from hiring an AACDS graduate?

You can enhance your practice by hiring a qualified Cosmetic Nurse (RN or EN) or Dermal Therapist through AACDS. Here’s just some of the ways an AACDS graduate may assist your practice:

  • Save time and money on in-office training. A broad-range of skills allows for multi-purpose positions, from clinical tasks to practice administration
  • Relevant and formal qualifications in cosmetic nursing and dermal therapies act as an effective marketing tool
  • A broad knowledge of both surgical and non-surgical procedures allows for upselling and cross-selling to patients
  • Nationally accredited qualifications minimise insurance issues and costs
  • A sound understanding of safety, duty of care and professionalism helps to protect and enhance your business

Partner with us!

Are you an employer? Partner with us to upskill your staff. Choose from our Professional Certificate Courses to improve your clinic and patient outcomes ranging from Laser Safety Courses to Infection Control Courses, AACDS has you covered.

Please Contact us for a personalised upskilling plan and a group discount for your staff.