Professional Certificates

AACDS offers a range of accredited and non-accredited Professional Certificates to assist Aesthetic professionals build their knowledge and skills and achieve best practice standards.
Integrated Health and dermatology

Diverse bacterial ecosystems are present in the oral cavity, upper and lower gastrointestinal tract, skin surface and lungs. Collectively, our human microbiome represents a major contributor to our health, our appearance and most importantly, our skin.

The Professional Certificate in Integrated Health and Dermatology will enable students to learn about the gut microbiome and how it influences a multitude of skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, accelerated ageing, as well as mood, weight gain, weight loss and general overall health.

This is a theory-based course, which focuses on the clinical aspects of IPL and Laser treatment and the required safety standards as outlined by the Radiation Safety Act 1999. The unit is government accredited and recognised by the two main Laser authorities; QLD Radiation Health and the Radiological Council of WA as an official Radiation/Laser Safety Officer’s Certificate.

Upon completion of this unit, it will lead to the issue of the IPL/Laser’s Safety Officer’s Certificate, it will not lead to the issue of a full, Nationally Recognised Qualification.

This certificate forms the foundation for correct skin analysis and selection of dermal therapy procedures within a cosmetic medical context. Lectures focus on skin physiology, the presentation and pathophysiology of dermatologic disorders, repair abilities and wound management. On completion of this certificate, students should be able to identify a range of dermatologic and cosmetic skin conditions in order to work within their scope of practice or refer to other medical professionals.

This nationally recognised unit of competency provides aesthetic professionals with the essential knowledge and skills to maintain infection prevention in all areas associated with dermal and cosmetic injectable procedures. Learning focuses on current state or territory hygiene regulations and the key principles of infection prevention in a cosmetic medical context.

This unit/course is divided into a theory and a practical component. The practical competencies are demonstrated 

and assessed in one of the AACDS Student Clinics (Melbourne, Sydney, Perth), or students may film the practical component from their own clinic/workplace providing assessment conditions can be met.

This unit/course describes the performance outcomes, knowledge and skills required to manage and promote the cosmetic practice using assessment methodologies within a cosmetic medical context. The unit of competency is applied by anyone working within a cometic framework.

Laser Tattoo Removal AACDS

This Professional Certificate is developed for aesthetic professionals to obtain a licence exception from the Radiological Council of WA to perform tattoo removal using class 4, Q-Switched laser modalities. The course provides a holistic approach to laser practice within a cosmetic medical setting encompassing topics in:

  • Laser and light physics
  • Laser safety
  • Tattoos and ink
  • Q-switched laser parameters
  • Wound healing post laser tattoo removal
  • Hands-on laser training in a 2:1 Student to Trainer ratio