Professional Certificate in Integrated Health and Dermatology (IHD01)

Diverse bacterial ecosystems are present in the oral cavity, upper and lower gastrointestinal tract, skin surface and lungs. Collectively, our human microbiome represents a major contributor to our health, our appearance and most importantly, our skin.

The Professional Certificate in Integrated Health and Dermatology will enable students to learn about the gut microbiome and how it influences a multitude of skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, accelerated ageing, as well as mood, weight gain, weight loss and general overall health.

Some of the topics covered within this course include:

  • Skin analysis and selection of dermal therapy procedures within a cosmetic medical context
  • Skin physiology and pathophysiology of dermatological conditions
  • Systemic manifestation of dermatological conditions
  • Understanding the microbiome and dysbiosis
  • Functional gut health and brain connection
  • Functional gut health and skin connection
  • Nutritional, lifestyle and environmental factors that influence the gut microbiome
  • Integration of nutritional strategies with dermal procedures to improve patient outcomes
  • "Gut friendly" food cooking demonstration

By understanding the relationship between the microbiome and dermatology, clinicians can successfully use these principles to improve patient outcomes and create a unique selling point to patients. This course will include multiple resources such as patient information sheets, questionnaires and video resources that clinicians are able to use in a clinical setting.

The Professional Certificate in Integrated Health and Dermatology will be available to study online from January 2019.

Prerequisites / Entry Requirements

  • There are no pre-requisites to apply for this course


  • 15 weeks - requiring approximately 5 hours of study per week
  • Delivery Mode

  • Online via lectures with imbedded audio and interactive activities
  • Course Fees

  • $2194.50

    Study Loans approved course. For more information on our payment options, please click here
  • *NB: Students who have completed Unit 1.2 Analyse Principles of Dermatology in a Cosmetic Medical Context, will be able to gain advanced standing into this course. Please contact our Enquiries team for further information.


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    No pre-requisites


    Commencing January 2019
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