Studying online can help to provide greater flexibility with the challenges of juggling work and family commitments. All AACDS qualifications and courses can be studied online (theory component) and blended with hands-on practical at an Aspire Training Clinic in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Gold Coast.

Below are some frequently asked questions about studying online at AACDS:

Your practical units are delivered at the Aspire Training Clinics conducted in a 2-week block for dermal therapy and a 4-day block for cosmetic injectables. Training blocks are scheduled frequently throughout the year, though students cannot book until the theoretical pre-requisite units have been successfully completed.

Each unit is assessed using two to three different assessment methods. Most assessments are open-book (or similar to an assignment), though each unit will have one multiple choice or written exam (closed book time-restricted online assessment).

Course material (lectures, resources, assessments etc.) are accessed via the AACDS Student Portal. This can be accessed anytime throughout the unit’s duration.

Online students receive support from their allocated unit contact/assessor and from fortnightly Teams sessions conducted by a senior lecturer or unit coordinator. The team at AACDS head office is also available to assist you.