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Become a successful cosmetic nurse

If you’re a nurse considering a career in cosmetic medicine, AACDS has released a free short-course in Cosmetic Nursing to help guide you.

The course is developed to provide nurses with the key information required to make an informed decision about career pathways in cosmetic nursing. The main topics of the course include:

  1. An overview of the aesthetics industry, future growth and forecasts
  2. Regulation and governance of cosmetic medicine
  3. A Cosmetic Nurse’s scope of practice
  4. Best practice standards in cosmetic nursing
  5. How to launch your career as a Cosmetic Nurse
  6. Advice from current practicing Cosmetic Nurses working in diverse areas of cosmetic medicine

The course will take you approximately two hours to complete inclusive of all readings and downloads. On course completion, you will have a sound understanding of the aesthetics industry and the various roles Cosmetic Nurses have in cosmetic medicine – for instance, it’s not just about cosmetic injectables!

Completing the ‘Becoming a Successful Cosmetic Nurse’ short course is great preparation for a career up-skill in 2024, especially if you’re considering moving into the field of aesthetics or ready to start your journey.

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