AACDS RECRUITMENT A FREE Service for Cosmetic Clinics and AACDS Graduates


10th December 2018

Online December start date

21st January 2019

Online January start date

18th February 2019

On-campus start date


When you study at AACDS your connection to the cosmetic dermal science industry is immediate. Our College has strong ties and connections to some of the world's leading dermal clinics, surgeries and other organisations. AACDS students will get access to amazing opportunities, life-changing work experiences and industry contacts that will remain throughout your career. We run a free graduate recruitment website where potential employers might meet their future staff.

As a Dermal Therapist, I enjoy using my knowledge and expertise to change people's lives and I'm committed to helping Territorians for the rest of my life.

Holly Copping AACDS Graduate
Owner, Territory Laser Clinic