Celebrating International Women’s Day with the Women Empowered Fund 2024

International Womens Day

Businesswomen in Developing Countries

The Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science (AACDS) is a passionate supporter of women in business especially women in developing countries who have a fraction of the support and resources we have here in Australia. Businesswomen in developing countries must also work against a tide of obstacles that we rarely encounter such as child marriage, chronic hunger and lack of access to medical care.

Here's some quick facts about how women carry the bulk of the responsibility for meeting basic needs of their family:

  • Globally, the majority of the world’s poor are women and girls
  • Women are disproportionally affected by hunger compared to men
  • They are less literate and educated
  • There are up to 12 million girls forced to marry before they are ready – and without any choice
  • Women own less than 15% of farmland.

Due to these factors, AACDS has partnered with The Hunger Project Australia to help bridge the equality gap and give women and girls the future they rightfully deserve.

The Women Empowered Fund

Launched late 2022, the Women Empowered Fund is developed specifically to support women and girls through the following projects:

  • Training in modern farming techniques
  • Micro-finance loans
  • Training in influence, advocacy and leadership
  • Education about sexual rights and ending child marriage.

The fund’s target is $1 million over three years and has currently reached $350,000 demonstrating commitment and progress in transforming lives on a global scale.

A World with Empowered Women

We’ve seen the impact women’s empowerment has had in Australia over the last 50 years, but it’s time to consider extending this progress to the world’s most vulnerable women and girls. It’s time to think broader and work towards a world where all women are empowered. To achieve this, you can join AACDS and The Hunger Project to contribute to the Women Empowered Fund.


To learn more and donate, please click HERE.