AACDS Introduces Digital Credentials to Dermal Therapy Training and Cosmetic Nursing Training

The Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science (AACDS) is pleased to announce the introduction of Digital Credentials to students and graduates of all AACDS courses and units of competency. This is a significant step to further enhance the student journey and strengthen employment outcomes upon graduation.

What are Digital Credentials?

Digital credentials are changing the way the world recognises and validates learning. The traditional CV will soon become obsolete replaced with a digital portfolio (such as LinkedIn) of digital badges. The benefit for the digital badge owner and the employer is that information is immediately verifiable. In comparison to a hardcopy certificate, a digital badge is evidentiary, personalised and machine-readable – all of which is necessary for the future workplace and digital world.

When and how will I receive my digital badge(s)?

Current AACDS students will earn a digital badge for each unit of competency (UoC) successfully completed. This provides a tangible asset as students continue their journey to full qualification completion. Please see an example below of a digital badge specific to a UoC:






On successful completion of an AACDS qualification or Professional Certificate, graduates receive a digital badge specific to the qualification or Professional Certificate completed. Please see an example below of a digital badge specific to a qualification and a Professional Certificate.






Past graduates of AACDS qualifications and Professional Certificates between in the last 2 years will also receive a digital badge for completion of a qualification or a Professional Certificate, though not for each unit of competency.

  • Historical digital badges will be issued via email mid-July 2021. Please note, if you have changed your email address since completing your studies at AACDS, you will need to inform Administration of your new email address in order to receive your digital badge.
  • Future digital badges will be issued via email commencing from mid-July 2021.

What's inside a digital badge?

Each digital badge contains important metadata that describes the course/unit, its academic level, links to the Australian Qualification Framework, links to industry and employability skills.


What do I do with my digital badge(s)?

There are multiple ways you can showcase your digital badges, but AACDS recommends using them to your best advantage to gain employment and recognition. This includes:

1.  Sharing them on your LinkedIn profile or other social platforms
2.  Sharing them on your website (especially suitable for digital badges in infection control)
3.  Sharing them in your email signature
4.  Embed into your CV.


FREE webinar to help strengthen your LinkedIn profile with digital badges: August 2nd 2021

LinkedIn is fast becoming the primary tool to inform employers, peers and industry about your credentials, skills, work experience and interests. AACDS is offering graduates and current students the opportunity to attend a free webinar on how to enhance and make the most of your LinkedIn profile.

The one-hour webinar will encompass aspects such as utilising your LinkedIn account as a marketing tool for yourself/your clinic as well as learning how to use this platform to maximise building strong professional connections and boost your online reputation better than most other social networking platforms.


To register for this webinar, please click here

For more information about Digital Credentials, please CLICK HERE to watch this short video

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