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Welcome to the December 2019 edition of the Aspire newsletter - keeping you
up-to-date with AACDS and the aesthetic profession. 




Meet AACDS Graduate Yadira Galarza Cauchi

"I have forever loved all things health/wellness and originally started my career as a beauty journalist. Prior to that I'd never really delved into the science behind the world of skincare. However, after interviewing expert after expert, I soon realised beauty and health were so inexorably linked and I fell in love with beauty - quickly. Fast forward two kids later, I knew writing from home was getting harder by the day and I wanted to work with the practical side of skin. I started researching and chatting to people in the Cosmetic Dermal Science course at AACDS, which now is one of the best decisions I ever made!

Today, I continue to write about beauty and chat about skin health via my Instagram @yadscauchi, although I'm employed as a Dermal Therapist with Artisan Clinics in Canberra too. I love the sense of balance that working both in clinic and at home as provided to my work/life juggle as a mum and would recommend jumping into the skin/beauty industry to anybody who is passionate about it. Plus, it's so rewarding knowing you can improve somebody's self-confidence with the work you do everyday.

It's also fuelled me to up skill and pursue post-graduate studies in human nutrition - because there's so much more to skincare than the products we put on our skin. It's about what's happening internally as well and I can't wait to explore the two together!" 




TGA Update
Skin Needling: Things to Consider

The TGA has recently published information on their website regarding skin needling. The information is aimed at consumers and provides an overview of key areas to consider before going ahead with the procedure. 




Introducing the new 52852WA Graduate Diploma of Cosmetic Nursing and Injectables

AACDS is pleased to release the new Graduate Diploma of Cosmetic Nursing and Injectables to replace the 52709WA Graduate Diploma of Cosmetic Nursing. Nationally Accredited Qualifications go through a re-accreditation every five years. The new Graduate Diploma of Cosmetic Nursing and Injectables differs to the superseded qualification in the following ways:

  • Increased cosmetic injectables hands-on training from three full days to four full days.
  • The addition of LED training in dermal science practical.
  • The addition of dermatoscopy in theory units and in dermal science practical.
  • The unit 'Analyse the principles of anti-ageing medicine' has been replaced with the unit 'Integrate health and dermatology for aesthetic practice'. This unit explores the relationship between skin health and the gut microbiome. (pending unit accreditation)

For more information about the new 52852WA Graduate Diploma of Cosmetic Nursing and Injectables, please email enquiries@aacds.edu.au 

Industry Update

Industry Alert regarding the use of Nitrous Oxide for Beauty Treatments

Recent advertisements for the use of handheld nitrous products during beauty procedures has prompted the following statement from the Department of Health in WA:

"Nitrous oxide is definitely Schedule 4 when used therapeutically. There is no way that beauty salons should be purchasing or able to purchase this product. Please advise the Department of Health on (08) 9222 6883 if you hear of any beauty therapists using or looking to purchase these products." 


Hear from our AACDS student completing
the Graduate Diploma of Dermal Therapies

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