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Welcome to the June 2019 edition of the Aspire newsletter. Keeping you up-to-date with AACDS and the aesthetic profession. 


Margo Wright, RN

Meet Margo Wright - Current Cosmetic Nursing Student

"Hi, I am Margo. I am an RN and I have just completed my injectables training at the Perth Student Clinic. I really enjoyed that there were only 4 students and 2 trainers so a lot of the time I had one-to-one training."

"Most importantly, I got to perform a number of case studies on real patients. This included consultation, patient assessment, product and dose selection, treatment and documentation. The training felt like we were working in an actual clinic which prepared me for working as a cometic nurse. "


LED Therapy is now part of your dermal training at AACDS Student Clinics.


Introducing Xen LED to AACDS Student Clinics

The AACDS Student Clinics are thrilled to welcome the Xen LED system to all student clinics. Senior Trainer Jacquie Kelly RN, states, "Students are able to apply their theoretical understanding of LED technology and individualise treatment plans as they are able to select a variety of parameters such as fluence, wavelength, coverage and exposure time as opposed to just turning on a device."


Current Students completing their    dermal prac training at the                        Perth Student Clinic.

The 2:1 Student/Trainer Advantage

AACDS is proud to maintain a student/trainer ratio 2:1. This ensures students learn dermal therapy and injectable procedures in a quality learning environment, which closely simulates a real-clinical setting. Students gain exclusivity to equipment rather than having to share with multiple students and waste valuable training time whilst waiting for their turn. 

Here's what student Larissa recently said about her dermal prac training, "I'm currently completing my dermal prac training and love the fact that I'm not training in a group environment. I've been able to complete all treatment aspects of each case study without compromising my learning by having to share patients or equipment with other students".


Industry Update

Can what you eat (or don't eat) give your wrinkles?

For many years we have been told by experts that diet doesn't affect the skin. We believed that lines, wrinkles and ageing occur naturally as part of the ageing process, that acne is a normal part of puberty and rosacea is something you get when you are stressed. However, scientific evidence is now demonstrating that what we eat does matter, for example; 

  • Too much sugar contributes to lines and wrinkles
  • Spicy food and alcohol contribute to redness and rosacea and 
  • Gluten and dairy products contribute to acne.
So what does that mean for us as aesthetic professionals? How do we navigate the way forward to help our patients achieve the best possible results with us? By studying the Certificate in Integrative Health and Dermatology, you'll find out just how easy it is to assist your patients to achieve greater results with just a few shared insights about the relationship between diet and skin health.

Set yourself apart from other aesthetic professionals by gaining a Professional Certificate in Integrative Health and Dermatology.
Next intake is on the 17th June 2019. 

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