How to become a Cosmetic Chemist

Have you ever wanted to formulate your own skincare products? Are you interested in the ingredients you are putting onto your face? Or as a therapist, have you ever wanted to specifically give your client a mix of ingredients which you can’t find in your current skincare range? A career as a Cosmetic Chemist might be what you are searching for and a Diploma of Personal Care Formulations can get you there. In this blog we will discuss what it means to be a cosmetic chemist, who can become a cosmetic chemist and how to become a cosmetic chemist.

What is a Cosmetic Chemist and why does it matter?

A Cosmetic Chemist or Formulation Chemist can be defined as a person who formulates cosmetics and personal care products. Comprehensive understanding of the safety of formulations, stability and efficacy of personal care products is at the forefront of a Cosmetic Chemist’s approach.

As a Cosmetic Chemist you will develop safe, stable and effective formulas for a range of personal care products. You will be able to provide technical documents to support the safety and stability of the claims made in your products and be confident to develop products from a product development brief. Knowledge in cosmetic chemistry will allow you to accommodate industry innovations and reverse engineer formulations to suit any company’s requirements.

Cosmetic Chemistry is an ever-evolving industry and must keep abreast with the demands of brand designers and consumers alike. A career as a Cosmetic Chemist can lead you to formulate your own personal care range, work in a formulating laboratory or work in research and development for a cosmetic manufacturer.

So now that I’ve got your interest, how do we get there?


How to become a Cosmetic Chemist?

There are a couple of different pathways into becoming a Cosmetic Chemist depending on the level of qualification you desire. The Diploma of Personal Care Formulation has been developed for those learners wanting further beneficial teaching into their current careers, such as researching and development scientists, formulating chemists or compounding managers and assistants, but is also ideal for raw material suppliers, technical staff involved in development, and product development personnel.

There are no prerequisites required to begin this course and depending on your selected study mode, you could be a Cosmetic Chemist in just 12 months!

The course structure can be broken down into 3 modules:

Module one consists of evaluating cosmetic ingredients, safety, compliance and chemistry principles. Module two focusses on selecting a variety of additions to personal care formulations. For example, fragrances, emulsifiers and lipids. And finally, Module three is where the Cosmetic Chemist is born, you get to make things happen! And as part of your fees you will receive an amazing kit containing everything you will need for your assessment products. Sadly, no cute lab coat included.

There is also a hands-on formulating workshop which runs over 2 days, delivered in Melbourne. (Hello weekend getaway for those interstate students! – once border reopen of course).

Next Steps...

If you have ever been interested in how cosmetic skincare products were formulated or wanted to build your very own personal care/ cosmetic line, then the Diploma of Personal Care Formulations course is for you. The information obtained throughout this course can set up your career as a Cosmetic Chemist or further expand your current career as a Dermal Therapist or Cosmetic Nurse allowing you to stand out above the rest. The Diploma of Personal Care Formulation course is delivered by AACDS. Click here to apply now.

by Megan Rees, Dermal Therapist and Trainer at the Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science

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