Studying Online

Studying Cosmetic and Dermal Science Online

With life’s busy schedule and the ever-changing global state, it is essential to find online cosmetic nursing courses that are flexible and accommodate your lifestyle or situation.

With AACDS, you can study cosmetic nursing and dermal science courses online from the comfort of your own home where you can earn your qualification at your own pace. This allows you to maintain your current employment position with minimal to no disruption, accommodates the country’s current lockdown laws and means that you don’t have to put your career aspirations on hold.

Course duration and commitment

All AACDS courses are offered online, so the course duration depends on which course you are undertaking and how many units you have nominated to complete within a semester (16-week period).

For example, students who wish to complete their studies full-time, complete four units per semester. Students who wish to study part-time complete two units per semester. Alternatively, students may only wish to study one unit per semester.

Each unit of study requires the following commitment:
• 16 weeks of study
• Approximately 3 hours online per week
• Approximately 3 hours of self-guided study per week
• 2 to 3 assessments minimum

How do I complete the practical component?

The completion of unit 2.2 Dermal Science Practical Workshop or unit 3.1 Evaluate Cosmetic Injectable Procedures is delivered in Perth, Sydney, Gold Coast or Melbourne over a 10 day period. These workshops run regularly throughout the year.

How are assessments conducted?

Each unit offered through AACDS is assessed using two to three different assessment methods. Most assessments are open-book (or similar to an assignment), though each unit will have one multiple choice or written exam (closed book time-restricted online assessment).

Do I receive ongoing support?

Yes. In addition to online lectures, you will receive a downloadable course manual for each unit. This will provide you with valuable learning tools and further reading material. The AACDS team is available to answer any questions in relation to the course curriculum. Just call or email your corresponding lecturer and your query will be answered within 48 hours.

Do correspondence students gain the same knowledge as in-class students?

When you study our dermal science and cosmetic nursing courses online, you will receive all the benefits of the same learning materials and reading supplements as in-class students. To improve the online learning environment and to provide you with you everything you need, AACDS have designed an audio program to accompany the lectures. This ensures a better learning outcome through both audio and visual cues.