10453NAT Diploma of Personal Care Formulation

Formulating cosmetic and personal care products can be as varied as the companies who offer them. The 10453NAT Diploma of Personal Care Formulation has been developed to provide a comprehensive approach to teaching the formulation of safe, stable and efficacious personal care products for the hair, hands, body and face. It also covers the development of products from the concept stage and through reverse engineering. Learners are taught how to prepare a variety of personal care products, adapt formulations to suit organisational requirements and develop products based on the latest industry advances.

*Please note: Course structure, duration of practical and choice of electives may change at any time at the discretion of AACDS.




On successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Develop safe, stable and effective formulas for a range of personal care products
  • Provide technical documents to support the safety, stability and performance claims of a product
  • Develop products from a product development brief and communicate necessary changes
  • Accommodate industry innovations into formulations without impacting on stability
  • Reverse engineer and/or adapt formulations to suit company requirements
  • Satisfy safety and regulatory obligations in the development of cosmetic and personal care products

Successful completion of this course leads to the issuance of an AQF Diploma and entitles learners to the letters Dip Form Chem and the title ‘Cosmetic Chemist’ or ‘Formulation Chemist’.

This course will benefit the following careers

  • Research and Development Scientists
  • Formulating Chemists
  • Production/Compounding Managers and assistants
  • Regulatory Affairs personnel dealing with product safety, claims and ingredient compliance

This course is ideal for

  • Research and Development personnel
  • Compounding personnel
  • Raw material suppliers
  • Product development personnel in the practical development of products
  • Technical staff involved in practical development and/or manufacturing

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  • This course consists of 18 units of competency
  • One year


  • The course comprises of 4 text books provided as part of the enrolment package
  • On-line lectures to support learning and activities within the texts
  • Box of raw materials and packaging to work through various practical activities and prepare assessment samples
  • 3 written assessments comprising theoretical questions and workplace simulated scenarios
  • Submission of practical samples with relevant stability and technical information
  • Hands on practical workshops to consolidate skills in development and formulation of various products
  • Online exam


You will need to purchase or have access to the following equipment (this list is provided for those students who do not have access to specialised equipment and are studying in a home-based situation):

  • Scales that measure in 0.1g or 0.01g increments
  • 3 x 1.1L stainless steel mixing bowls
  • 1 x 8 wire whisk (250 – 300mm)
  • 2 hot plates (or normal stove top)
  • White lab coat for formulating workshops




Completion of year 12 or mature age entry


Full Time


Online plus practical workshop


Monthly start dates

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